Internship at Lincad – Gemma Bland

Five questions with Gemma Bland, an engineer undergraduate at The University of Surrey, who has joined Lincad for a 12 month internship.

Q: What is Lincad’s connection with The University of Surrey ?
Lincad partnered with The University of Surrey’s engineering faculty a number of years ago for its in-house internship scheme.  I have completed two years […]

Modernising Future Global Defence Programmes

As global defence modernises and demand for future growth within the military sector increases, it is vital that we continue to evolve to keep up with this demand. That is why, over the past few months, we have been investing in upgrading our manufacturing and engineering facilities and head office building. These improvements are all […]

LIPS 16: The Evolution of Lithium-ion Power System Batteries

The LIPS 16 is the next step in modernising our LIPS range. Lincad’s current range of LIPS batteries are the result of continued improvements in specific energy through the integration of new cell technology and enhanced mechanical and electronic design. The Lincad R&D team continue to evolve our LIPS (lithium-ion power system) battery range and […]