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Lincad continues to invest in new manufacturing capabilities

Facilities - Machining

At the forefront of lithium-ion technology, Lincad has been developing bespoke batteries and charging systems for over 30 years and continues to invest significantly in the expansion of its capabilities at the company’s site in Ash Vale, Surrey. Recent projects have included a new production facility, a new repair section, automating its PCB production process and an expanded engineering area as well as a larger staff canteen.

Undertaking all R&D, engineering and manufacturing under one roof, Lincad is an ISO 9001:2015 validated company and also has Cyber Essentials Plus certification for its IT systems.

Using the latest technologies, including 3D printing as well as robotic PCB population, Lincad has a proven record of developing products to both UK Defence Standards and US Military Standards and has extensive experience in developing

Pick and place machine

products where electromagnetic compatibility and environmental performance (EMC) are critical.

These latest investments will help to ensure Lincad’s ongoing ability to operate at the leading-edge of battery design and manufacture.