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Lincad Storage Warehouse

Storage and Transportation

Specialised storage,
ready for transportation

Lincad has a large specialised warehouse facility storing up to 260 pallets for long-term storage or ready for transportation.

We can store products from other OEMs, under appropriate conditions, to prolong shelf life and all products are controlled via Lincad’s proprietary barcode system.

We ship significant quantities of lithium batteries, which are classed as dangerous goods, so we require our processes to be monitored by our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) who is qualified in IATA transportation regulations. This prevents the risk to people, property and the environment.

Our unique and innovative battery label printing system (BLOCS) has been designed to demonstrate compliance with IATA regulations for the safe transportation of lithium-ion batteries by air, land or sea. It also provides evidence that batteries have been conditioned correctly for long-term storage.

Visit our BLOCS page for further information.