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Defence and Security

Powering mission critical applications in the most demanding environments

Lincad’s origins were based in the servicing of military batteries and, over 35 years later, a large proportion of Lincad’s business now revolves around the design and manufacture of batteries and charging systems for defence and security applications, where military grade performance is required.  Lincad has developed a portfolio of products that demonstrate the very latest in battery and charger technology and design, powering mission critical applications in the most demanding environments.

Whether it’s a single cell battery solution to power a small handheld radio, a multi-cell battery pack to power electronic counter measures (ECM) equipment or CCTV cameras, or a large scale modular battery system to provide propulsion power for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), Lincad has the expertise to develop solutions for a vast range of different applications in the defence and security space.

Lincad has many years of experience in developing products designed in line with UK Defence Standards (Def Stans), US Military Standards (MIL-STDs), NATO standardization agreements (STANAGs) and other official standards. Many customers approach us feeling reassured we have an established pedigree developing products to high specification in the defence and security sectors, with the knowledge our ruggedised and reliable products do the job in extreme conditions, and do the job well.

We have the building blocks in place to design a solution to match specific requirements, and whilst there may not be a product within our portfolio that exactly matches your needs, we can modify an existing product to provide you with the power management solution you are looking for.