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Retail and Hospitality

Portable power and rapid charging solutions to improve efficiency of operations

The movement towards cashless transactions in retail and hospitality has led to huge growth in the use of handheld point of sale (PoS) devices. PoS devices need batteries and batteries need charging. Lincad’s innovative multi-charge dock minimises downtime for PoS devices, allowing up to twenty PoS batteries to be charged simultaneously, improving efficiency of operations for those operating in the retail and hospitality sectors.

Millions of cashless transactions take place daily via PoS devices in shops, cafés, bars and restaurants, on trains and airlines, and at sports and entertainment events, and Lincad’s multi-charge dock supports customers in management of their PoS devices. Whilst specifically designed around the PAX range of products (PAX A920 and PAX A920 PRO), we are able to provide a bespoke solution for other PoS types. Lincad has collaborated with the UK based Secure Retail for the supply of this innovative charging solution.

Developments in battery technology now allow portable power to be a reality where mains power is unavailable. Lincad has developed portable power systems that can be used across a range of sectors, including retail and hospitality. With sufficient capacity to power a range of mains powered devices, it’s an ideal solution for customers who do not have direct access to a 240V AC supply. The portable power system is simply recharged from a mains supply during downtime, in preparation for next use. This innovative solution can be employed across a range of use cases, and is particularly suited to providing power for sales and service desks. The alternative, diesel powered electricity generation, is noisy and polluting, producing significant carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions. Lincad has collaborated with the UK based Ideas Ltd for the supply of this innovative portable power system.