Part No.: 404300-2001

The LIPS 16 represents the latest in lithium-ion battery technology and design and is suited for use in the most demanding environments, with a fully metallic enclosure (sealed to IP55) offering excellent physical protection and electromagnetic screening.

Originally designed as replacement for a lead acid battery used for an acoustic weapon locating system, the LIPS 16 offers performance characteristics suitable for a range of military applications and uses in other sectors that require military grade performance.



Part No.: 404231-2001
NSN: 6140-99-155-5074

The LIPS 15 24V, 27Ah Li-ion battery is Lincad’s highest energy density battery in the LIPS battery range. With an identical form, fit and function to the LIPS 10, it represents the very latest in battery technology and design with configurable operating parameters and improved diagnostic capabilities for fleet management.


Lincad | LIPS14 | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 404198-2001
NSN: 6140-99-153-5325

The LIPS 14 is a small, lightweight Li-ion 12V, 9Ah battery designed to satisfy front line tactical operating requirements for man worn equipment. Fully ruggedised with SMBus communications and a press-to-test capacity display, the LIPS 14 offers simplicity of design and functionality.


Lincad | LIPS10 | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 404115-2001-3
NSN: 6140-99-241-7002

Lincad’s best-selling LIPS 10 is a 24V, 23Ah Li-ion battery that has proved itself in the field across a range of different applications. Fully ruggedised with IrDA communications and two press-to-test capacity displays, the LIPS 10 and its variants are ideal for use in conditions where electromagnetic and environmental performance are critical.


Lincad | LIPS11 | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 404126-2001
NSN: 6140-99-455-7791

The LIPS 11 is a two-thirds equivalent of the LIPS 10, offering an identical interface with a capacity of 15Ah.


Lincad | LIPS12 | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 404127-2001
NSN: 6140-99-151-5636

The LIPS 12 is a one-third equivalent of the LIPS 10, offering an identical interface with a capacity of 7.5Ah.


Lincad | LIPS9 | Rechargaeble Battery

Part No.: 404102-2001
NSN: 6140-99-250-1820

The LIPS 9 is a 24V, 19Ah Li-ion battery that uses the Clansman interface for attaching to host equipment. Fully ruggedised with IrDA communications, the LIPS 9 is a Li-ion alternative to NiCd and NiMH Clansman batteries. The press-to-test capacity display can either be located on the front face or the side of the battery.


Lincad | BPMS Mk2 | Rechargaeble Battery

Part No.: 404191-2001
NSN: 6140-99-27-1050


Lincad | LIPS5 | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 40484-2001
NSN: 6140-99-666-4828

The LIPS 5 is the predecessor to the LIPS 10. Fully ruggedised with IrDA communications and a single press-to-test capacity display, it offers a slightly reduced capacity of 19Ah within the same form factor.


Lincad | Squadnet | Rechargeable Batteries

Part No.: 404248-2001-1
NSN: 6130-99-555-9921

Nato Matt Green Variant

The BPMS Mk2 is a ruggedised UPS that provides a regulated 24V DC power supply to a host system. Designed as a replacement for the original BPMS used to power Leonardo’s LINAPS (Laser Inertial Artillery Pointing System) used on the L118 Light Gun and M777, it is engineered to the highest mechanical and environmental specifications and incorporates improved diagnostics and shelf life.

Cutlass Mk2

Lincad | Cutlass Mk2 | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 404240-2001-2
NSN: 6140-99-350-2774

The CUTLASS Mk2 is a high-power, ruggedised battery that acts as the powertrain for Northrop Grumman’s CUTLASS explosive ordnance disposal robot. Incorporating the very latest in battery technology and design, the Mk2 battery offers improved diagnostics and shelf life.

Submersible AIV

Lincad | Submersible AIV | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 404121-2001-2

The Submersible AIV battery is a high capacity battery developed for an autonomous inspection vehicle used in the petrochemical industry. Designed to meet the demands of a submarine environment, it incorporates an integrated hard drive for data logging during its long mission profiles.

Vortex (Storm) Battery

Lincad | Vortex | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 404144-2001
NSN: 6140-99-837-3683

The Vortex battery is a 12V, 9Ah battery using the distinctive twist-lock interface to attach to host equipment. It is available in a number of variants, with or without battery communications and press-to-test capacity displays. Used across a number of applications, it is widely used for Thales’ Storm-H ultra-compact, lightweight personal ECM system.


Lincad | Laser | Rechargeable Batteries

Part No.: 404188-2001-3
NSN: 6140-12-392-1517

The Laser battery is a bespoke 18V, 3Ah Li-ion battery designed for Leonardo’s man portable Type 163 Laser Target Designator. Designed to minimise weight for the end user, it demonstrates Lincad’s ability to satisfy the most demanding specifications.


Lincad | Squadnet | Rechargeable Batteries

Part No.: 404220-2001

The SquadNet battery is a bespoke 3.6V, 3Ah battery designed for Thales’ SquadNet networking soldier radio. Offering simplicity of design and functionality, it demonstrates Lincad’s ability to produce a robust, reliable and cost-effective solution where a COTS solution is unavailable.


Lincad | Soundranger | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 404252-2001

Lead Acid Battery – Deep Bronze Green

Lincad is able to produce a range of sealed lead acid battery systems such as the 24V, 48 Ah Soundranger battery used for Leonardo’s HALO (Hostile Artillery Locating) system.


Lincad | Clansman | Rechargeable Battery

Part No.: 2 101 1110
NSN: 6140-99-620-8057

Lincad supports a range of historical battery types such as the Clansman 24V, 5Ah NiCd battery. Lincad’s version of this battery employs a plastic case and does not include the side charging connector which is now obsolete.

Brentronics BB2590

Lincad | Brentronics | Rechargeable Batteries

Part No. (Brentronics):BT-70791CK
NSN: 6140-01-490-4316

Lincad is an authorised Brentronics Distributor for the Brentronics BB2590.

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