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Lips 16

Product Overview

  • Part No.: 404300-2001
  • NSN: 6140-99-270-9219
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium ion

The LIPS 16 battery represents the latest in lithium-ion battery technology and design, and is suited for use in the most demanding environments, with a fully metallic enclosure (sealed to IP55) offering excellent physical protection and electromagnetic screening. Originally designed as replacement to a lead acid battery system used for an acoustic weapon locating system, the LIPS 16 offers performance characteristics suitable for a range of military and other applications.

Interconnects are via standard D38999 military circular connectors with battery state of charge determined through a press to test membrane with a 5 LED capacity status display.

The LIPS 16 battery offers improvements over lead acid alternatives in weight, energy storage and flexibility of design. Active battery status information as well as diagnostic information is made available via the D38999 interconnect to a powered system.

Additional features include the ability to update the operational software and interrogate the battery memory using a mobile device, as well as the ability for the internal battery management system to store periodic operational data for use in maintenance activities.

The step change in the electronic management systems used in the LIPS 16 battery offers the advantage of a two year storage life when in a completely discharged state. The risk of an over discharge condition, even when the battery is left on equipment, is thus greatly reduced.

The LIPS 16 battery offers an internal discharge feature to allow stand alone discharge of the internal cell stack. This feature allows the user to discharge the cell stack to levels optimised for long term storage or suitable for transport by air in compliance with IATA regulations.

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