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Lips 15

Product Overview

  • Part No.: 404231-2001
  • NSN: 6140-99-155-5074
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium ion

Designed as the successor to Lincad’s widely used LIPS 10 battery, the LIPS 15 is a ruggedised high energy density 24V DC Li-ion battery suitable for use in the most demanding environments. Offering a higher capacity and incorporating the very latest battery management system, the LIPS 15 provides improved flexibility and diagnostic capabilities. The battery is designed to satisfy military front line tactical operating requirements for powering man portable and other equipment. The battery communicates with host equipment via an IrDA communications link providing accurate feedback on operational status and charge levels.

The LIPS 15 battery can interface to host equipment directly, held in position by latches, or can interface via a range of battery interface adaptors. The fully metallic enclosure offers excellent electromagnetic performance as well as physical protection to the internal components, making the LIPS 15 battery suitable for use in vehicles or other sensitive environments.

Battery recharge is carried out using one of Lincad’s mains or DC powered chargers depending on the operating environment. Battery status can be determined through the use of the top and side mounted press-to-test membrane switch with a 3 LED capacity status display.

The LIPS 15 can also interface to mobile devices to provide diagnostic information such as state of health and other fleet management parameters. Battery software updates can also be provided.

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