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Bpms Mk2

Product Overview

  • Part No.: 404248-2001-1
  • NSN: 6130-99-555-9921
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium ion

The Lincad Battery Power Management System (BPMS) has been in service with international armed forces for more than 12 years. Designed as a replacement for its predecessor, the BPMS Mk2 is a 120Ah, 24V DC lithium-ion battery and UPS system designed to support a 24V DC power supply or act as a stand-alone power source. The BPMS Mk2 has the same form, fit and function as the original BPMS, allowing backwards compatibility and minimising training requirements.

The BPMS Mk2 is suitable for mounting to mobile or static platforms. The fully metallic IP67 sealed enclosure offers excellent electromagnetic screening and physical protection to the internal components, making the BPMS Mk2 suited for use in the most demanding environments.

Whether acting as a UPS system or as a stand-alone power source, internal battery recharge is carried out automatically from a wide range of 24V power supplies.

Interconnects are via standard D38999 military circular connectors with battery state of charge determined through a press to test membrane with a 5 LED capacity status display.

The BPMS Mk2 offers significant improvements over its predecessor. New features include the ability to use a mobile device to securely update operational software and to interrogate the battery memory to provide operational and diagnostic information for fleet management.

In addition to a 7kg weight reduction, the greatly simplified internal construction offers a four fold improvement over the original BPMS MTBF figure, offering improved operational reliability and through life costs. The step change in the electronic design offers the further advantage of a two year storage life when in a completely discharged state, greatly reducing the risk of an over discharge condition, even when the BPMS Mk2 is left on host equipment.

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