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Acknowledged leaders in battery innovation

Lincad was the first company to introduce portable lithium-ion batteries to the UK MOD for use on their equipment.

Our innovative culture stems from our expert team of hardware, software and systems engineers and chemists with many years experience and an inherent desire to be at the forefront of battery technology and design.

Lincad works closely with its customers to define their requirements and, where applicable, undertakes regulatory testing and approval needed to satisfy UK Def Stans and US Mil Specs.

We are proud of our British manufacturing heritage with all our products being made in our factory in Surrey.

We have a PCB pick-and-place machine to populate our own PCBs and a well-established team of highly specialised solderers, welders and wiremen to ensure the quality of the final product.

All products go through a thorough rigorous quality control process before being dispatched to our customers.