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Lincad offer a range of services including the full range of research and design to manufacture. Lincad’s services include research and design, manufacture, transportation, maintenance/upgrade/repairs and storage.

We have detailed below how we can help you in the different service areas. If you have any questions get in touch on 01252 894 600 or email: [email protected]


We are acknowledged leaders in battery innovation with Lincad being the first company to introduce portable lithium-ion batteries to the UK MOD for use on their equipment.

Our innovative culture stems from our expert team of hardware, software and systems engineers and chemists with many years of experience and an inherent desire to be at the forefront of battery technology and design.

Lincad works closely with its customers to define their requirements and where applicable undertakes regulatory testing and approval needed to satisfy UK DefStans and US MilSpecs.

We are proud of our British manufacturing heritage with all our products being made in our factory in Surrey.

We have a PCB pick-and-place machine to populate our own PCBs and a well-established team of highly specialised solderers, welders and machinists to ensure quality of the final product.

All product goes through a thorough quality control process before being dispatched to our customers.

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Whilst lithium-ion is currently our most employed battery chemistry, Lincad is constantly researching new cell technologies to remain class leaders.

Our excellent relationships with the major cell manufacturers and access to cell technology roadmaps means we are well placed to evaluate new cells when they become available.

With in-house testing facilities, we are able to test new cells to the limits to ensure that we identify the best solution for our customers.

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As a specialist in our field we have a safety adviser who is a certified DGSA qualified in IATA transportation regulations. Lincad can therefore advise on the shipping of any battery type by any mode of transport.

Lincad has developed an innovative battery logistics and operational compliance system (BLOCS) that allows label printing of battery state of charge. It connects directly to compatible Lincad battery conditioners and chargers and enables batteries to be transported safely around the world with ease, in line with IATA regulations. For more info visit:

Lincad has its own team of ADR qualified drivers to transport our products safely by road within the UK and Europe.

Lincad has a large specialised warehouse facility which can store up to 260 pallets for long-term storage or ready for transportation.

We can store product from other OEMs under appropriate conditions to prolong shelf life. Product is controlled via Lincad’s proprietary barcode system.


Lincad has a dedicated specialist maintenance section where batteries and chargers can be scheduled for planned maintenance or software upgrades as necessary.

The Lincad repair division services products which have been damaged in the field. Offering such services helps reduce through-life costs for our customers.

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Lincad has a dedicated specialist maintenance section