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Lincadproduct123403 D Fin No Bg Resize

Product Overview

  • Part No.: 404323-2001
  • Battery Chemistry: N/A

Lincad’s innovative Battery Logistics and Operational Compliance System (BLOCS) allows automated printing of traceable battery state labels. Lithium-ion batteries are optimally stored at 50% state of charge and IATA transportation regulations require that they have a state of charge of ≤30% when transported by air. The BLOCS label printer system ensures that batteries being stored or transported comply with these conditions.

The system connects directly to compatible Lincad battery conditioners and chargers fitted with the BLOCS interface. Status labels for each battery, showing accurate state of charge and other data, are automatically printed. This greatly improves the logistics management of battery fleets as well as providing traceable documentation for storage and transportation purposes. The status labels provide traceability back to each battery.

BLOCS allows up to 32 different conditioners or chargers to be connected at the same time for rapid processing. Using Lincad’s six channel Armada conditioner, up to 192 batteries can be processed simultaneously by a single system. BLOCS is available as a factory add-on option and works as an automated, stand-alone system that does not require any external inputs once set up.

Lincadproduct123371 V4 C Fin
The BLOCS label printer system ensures that batteries being stored or transported comply with IATA transportation regulation conditions.


  • AC Input: 90-264V AC, 47-63Hz, 4A max, 70W max
  • AC Input Connector: IEC 60320 Type C14 appliance inlet
  • Conditioning Equipment Interface: Combined RS485 data and power supporting up to 16 conditioners or chargers per interface. Factory option of one or two interfaces to allow support of up to 32 conditioners or chargers per system
  • Printer Connection: RS232 Host Port, 9pin Male D-Sub Connector
  • Other Connections: USB Type B – connection to PC for optional configuration and management software
  • Stored Energy: Non-replaceable internal memory back up battery, 2.4V, 150mAh, NiMH

Label Output

  • Automatically generated label content: 
    • Time and date stamp
    • Charger/conditioner type and serial number
    • Battery type and serial number (where available)
    • Battery state of charge/status
    • Shelf life/recharge requirements
    • Organisation details
    • Customisable text (factory or user configured via optional configuration and management software
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