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Multi-channel chargers for Secure Retail’s payment terminals


Lincad is pleased to announce a brand-new working partnership with Secure Retail, a global provider of payment solutions, hardware and software.


From early Summer 2020, Lincad will supply 20-channel dedicated chargers for the bespoke lithium-ion batteries that power Secure Retail’s industry-leading PAX A920 mobile payment terminals.

multi-channel chargers

The PAX A920 mobile payment terminals supplied by Secure Retail are used across the world in the hospitality, retail, transport, and delivery sectors. Secure Retail has customers which operate in the airline industry, where the mobile payment terminals prove ideal for in-flight purchases. They allow customers to pay for goods and services using multiple payment methods, including NFC, contactless, QR-code, mobile and wallet payments, Chip & Pin and swipe. The PAX A920 comes with a fast thermal printer, HD touch screen and in-built GPS, as well as front and rear cameras that enable quick auto focus and 1D and 2D barcode recognition.

Secure Retail’s mobile payment terminals are currently deployed in the UK and Europe, linked with some of the largest retail brands in the world.

Secure Retail and Lincad have identified a need for multi-channel chargers that allow up to 20 batteries to be charged simultaneously. Whilst PAX A920 terminals can be charged independently via a charging base, the ability to swap out batteries and charge via multi-channel chargers allows the payment terminals to remain in continuous operation. This ultimately affords cost savings to the end customer and provides simplicity of use.

Peter Slade, Joint Managing Director at Lincad, commented:

“Lincad has more than 30 years of experience of developing power management solutions across a range of different sectors. We are proud to be working in partnership with the influential commercial company, Secure Retail. Its scope of operations spans a huge spectrum of sectors and applications and our multi-channel chargers are the perfect fit to ensure the evolution of this valuable technology carries on well into the future.”

Will Stone, Head of Product Development at Secure Retail, added:

“We look forward to growing our partnership with the Lincad team to take new innovative products to market that will help to transform the way payment devices are used in their environments.”