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Interview with Gemma Bland, Software Engineer at Lincad

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Gemma Bland first joined Lincad in 2020, when she undertook a year-long internship as part of the company’s partnership with the University of Surrey. She left to complete her degree in Electronic Engineering. Now, Gemma returns to the company to take on a new role as Software Engineer. We catch up with Gemma to find out why she came back to work at Lincad, what her hopes for the future are and why women should feel encouraged to pursue a career in engineering.

Q: How did you first find out about Lincad?

I previously worked at Lincad from July 2020 to August 2021 during my university industrial placement year. I then returned to the University of Surrey to do the final year of my Electrical & Electronic Engineering degree. After graduating I knew, from my previous time at Lincad and my University experience, that I definitely wanted to work as a Software Engineer.

Q: What made you return to Lincad after you graduated?

When looking for a job after graduating, it was an obvious choice to reach out to Lincad and see if they had a Software Engineering role available. I learned so much from the people there during my year-long internship. I hope that I can learn even more and continue to grow as an Engineer during my time working at Lincad once more.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Lincad as a Software Engineer?

I really enjoy the fact that I am able to see a variety of projects through from conception to their real-world applications. Additionally, I enjoy the culture within the company, especially within the Engineering team. It is a friendly, positive environment to work in and I am grateful for the support of my colleagues.

Q: What new skills do you hope to pick up from your new role at Lincad?

In my view, learning how to work with battery systems is very important in the current climate. This is due to the way we are moving towards renewable energy. The skills I learn and knowledge I gain at Lincad will definitely benefit me throughout my career. Now that I have my degree, I am ready to move to the next stage in my career, become a valuable team member and gain some real-world working experience.

Q: What advice would you give other young women hoping to establish a career in engineering?

I would encourage more young women to consider engineering careers. I would suggest applying for work placements like the one I was fortunate enough to experience at Lincad. This way, they can experience engineering first-hand and perhaps get exposure to a variety of engineering opportunities. Women should feel confident to apply for any engineering job they wish to pursue.

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