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LIPS 16: The Evolution of Lithium-ion Power System Batteries

The LIPS 16 is the next step in modernising our LIPS range. Lincad’s current range of LIPS batteries are the result of continued improvements in specific energy through the integration of new cell technology and enhanced mechanical and electronic design. The Lincad R&D team continue to evolve our LIPS (lithium-ion power system) battery range and we identified a need for an upgrade to a previous model. So when one of our international defence customers had also specifically requested this model be developed, we decided the timing was right.


The LIPS 16 is lighter and has more functionality than the previous model. We have updated the electronics and updated the internal construction to keep it current and cost effective. We constantly research cell technology to ensure the cells we use are the best in the world.

The LIPS 16 is primarily a military battery in the sense that it is ruggedised and has been specifically designed to be suitable for demanding military and field-based defence environments. It offers a cutting-edge upgrade to the more traditional lead acid batteries that have predominantly been used on applications such as the Hostile Artillery Locating (HALO) system. However, it lends itself well to a range of applications in different sectors that require that kind of performance.

The LIPS 16 will be available for purchase in 2021. We already have strong interest from existing customers, and we expect to see global demand. Due to its inbuilt heating system, the LIPS 16 works well across a wide temperature range. Therefore, it is suitable for use in a broad range of environmental conditions, both hot and cold.

Mike Hendey, Lincad's Senior Systems Engineer

The main reason why customers choose the LIPS 16 over lead acid alternatives is because its fully metallic enclosure has been

sealed to IP55 to offer superior

physical protection and electromagnetic screening for internal components, while other advantages can be found in the lighter weight, flexible design and an enhanced two-year storage life when in a completely discharged state.

Our Senior Systems Engineer, Mike Hendey, discusses in his recently interview in more detail about the LIPS 16 and it’s capabilities here.