Lincad’s Research & Quality Manager, Gavin Durham, talks about Battery Chemistry

Lincad is always open to new developments in cell technology. Our current focus is on high energy density, high power, lightweight batteries and sodium- ion can’t compete with lithium-ion at all in that area. But as we diversify across a range of sectors, in the future we may well incorporate sodium-ion cells into our battery […]

Lincad’s Research & Quality Manager, Gavin Durham, Talks About Battery Transportation

Q. Gavin, I understand there have been a number of changes regarding the transport of batteries by air. Can you start by expanding on that?

A. Yes, basically there has been a strict tightening of the regulations for air transport, especially for lithium batteries, over recent years. Until just a few years ago, you could transport […]

The 3-2-1 Interview With Peter Slade, Lincad and Monch Publishing

Monch Publishing have launched a new regular column entitled “The 3-2-1 Interview.” Taking the same three questions every time, the idea is to interview senior executives from smaller companies – those in the middle of the supply chain – and thereby determine the health, agility and sustainability of our industry over the long term.

Click here to see […]

Lincad’s Research & Quality Manager, Gavin Durham, Talks About Battery Storage

Q. Lincad manufactures batteries for a number of different markets – the military, oil and gas, medical. Does that have any bearing on how the batteries need to be stored?

A. No, it has nothing to do with the sector. It’s all down to the chemistry of the cells. Having said that, in some sectors, customers […]

“Getting more women into engineering can only be a good thing”

says Janet Rowe, Joint Managing Director of Lincad


This interview was conducted to mark International Women in Engineering Day which takes place every year on 23 June. Organised by the Women’s Engineering Society, a charity founded in 1919, this important event is designed to celebrate the achievements of women in engineering and focus attention on the […]

The role of the Clansman in the founding of Lincad


The very origins of Lincad as a company are inextricably linked to the Clansman radio that was in use with the British armed forces for more than 30 years, from 1976 to 2010.

It was in 1986 when Brian Soden, now Lincad’s Chairman, founded the company. Having previously worked as a Divisional Director for Saft, a […]

Lincad Ready To Help Any Shippers Of Lithium-ion Batteries

An interview with Gavin Durham, Quality & Research Manager

Gavin Durham is a graduate chemist with over 35 years experience in the battery industry. He has attended many courses on the shipping of Dangerous Goods by Road and Air over the last 10 years, keeping abreast of all the IATA changes affecting batteries. In addition he […]

Shaping The Future Of Solar Power For The Military

Lincad helping to shape the future of solar power for the military An Interview with Peter Slade, Lincad’s Project Manager [...]

Lincad Interview – Mike Hendey

How Lincad is delivering a focused, customer-driven service An Interview with Mike Hendey, Systems Engineer, Lincad [...]

Lincad’s Growth Plans

Lincad’s Project Manager Peter Slade talks about Lincad’s growth plans [...]