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Modernising Future Global Defence Programmes

Batteries And Chargers For Modernising Future Global Defence ProgrammesAs global defence modernises and demand for future growth within the military sector increases, it is vital that we continue to evolve to keep up with this demand. That is why, over the past few months, we have been investing in upgrading our manufacturing and engineering facilities and head office building. These improvements are all part of our programme of preparing for future demand and growth within the sector.

Our team at Lincad are constantly updating and evolving our range of military batteries and chargers to meet the requirements of today and the future. At Lincad we can use any cell technology, which means we can adapt to meet future requirements. We see our batteries as mission centric and playing a key part in future technology-connected defence forces. There are many developing technology advances in the defence arena particularly within autonomous systems.

We see a greater demand from the defence sector for lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are currently the most cost effective and most suitable cell type for the defence market. In our view lithium-ion batteries are the most energy and power efficient option for defence applications. In the future that could well change as new cell types come to market and we stand ready to adapt to meet any such changes.

We also believe in the future that robots are likely to replace humans in a number of military scenarios. There will be remotely piloted military vehicles of all types as we enter the era of robotic warfare. This will in turn result in an increased requirement for mission critical batteries and chargers.

Our Operations Director, Peter Copplestone, discusses in his recently interview in more detail how Lincad is preparing to meet with increased demand for our military batteries and chargers in all types of defence missions. Read the the full interview on how Lincad is modernising future global defence programmes with batteries and chargers.