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Lincad helps Santa with lithium-ion battery transportation problem

Caravel Mk 2

At the forefront of lithium-ion battery technology, Lincad is delighted to announce that it has enabled Santa to comply with the latest IATA regulations – governing the transportation of all products containing lithium-ion batteries – by supplying its latest Caravel Mk2 battery charger.


In addition to offering enhanced, multi-chemistry charging of batteries from any original equipment manufacturer, the Caravel Mk2 is also designed with a transport mode which enables lithium-ion batteries to be discharged to less than 30{4aff493196277715e4d567e40d480e936b19538ec92e3fb54a5acc88489379da} rendering them suitable for transport as air cargo.


This is of particular importance to Santa who makes an extensive airborne trip every year on a sledge laden with lithium-ion battery-powered toys, screen-based devices and other consumer electronics products.


“When news of the IATA regulations reached the North Pole, I was very concerned that I might be forced to discontinue my annual deliveries”, commented Santa. “Now however, thanks to Lincad, I will be able to complete my global fulfilment programme.”


Janet Rowe, Lincad’s Joint Managing Director, added:

“We have a long history of developing batteries, chargers and power management systems for a range of specialist applications. This was one of the more unusual requests we have received but the Caravel Mk2, designed to operate in harsh weather conditions, is ideal for Santa’s requirements.”


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