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Our High Capacity Military Rechargeable Batteries

Military batteries need to power all kinds of important equipment and systems, from communication devices and GPS equipment, to drones and much more. Whether you need to deliver effective communication, surveillance or reconnaissance, Lincad provides batteries designed to deliver successful military operations.

Our batteries are used throughout the security and defence sectors, where equipment needs to operate in demanding environments. 

Lithium batteries are currently the most powerful batteries, which means they can store more energy than alkaline batteries and are better for high capacity applications.

Lincad provides you with the latest in lithium battery and charger technology, with solutions which are both long lasting and portable. All our military rechargeable batteries are also designed to be safe and reliable throughout their use.

Want to benefit from the latest and best lithium-ion batteries?

Our flagship products include the powerful LIPS 16. Designed to provide high power and capacity, the LIPS 16 is suitable for a range of military and other applications that require military grade performance.

Other products in this range are the CUTLASS Mk2 battery, a high power lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery developed for Northrop Grumman’s CUTLASS explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) remotely operated vehicle (ROV). It serves as the powertrain and provides power for the vehicle’s sensors and tools.

Features include the ability to update the operational software and interrogate the battery memory using a mobile device.

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