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Point of Sale Multi Dock Charger

Charger Multi Charge Dock A920 1 Pos Battery Charger

Product Overview

  • Part No.: 404296-2001, 404340-2001 (PRO)

Designed and manufactured for UK based payment solutions provider Secure Retail Ltd., the Multi-Charge Dock A920 and A920 PRO version are chargers designed to simultaneously charge up to twenty PAX A920 and PRO point of sale terminal batteries. Charging is by direct connection of the batteries to the charger.

The simple, compact design is both desk or wall mountable. The chargers are ideally suited to modern 24 hour hospitality and retail environments where payment terminals are in continuous operation. The charger eliminates the downtime experienced when PAX A920 and PRO batteries are charged individually whilst still in their device.

A charging status indicator on every channel provides an intuitive user interface and allows easy identification of fully charged batteries and general charging progress. Operation is fully automatic – simply insert a battery and the charging will be carried out without further user input.

The chargers are powered from a universal AC mains supply, catering for global use. The fanless operation ensures long service life with minimal user maintenance. The chargers include all the required electronic features to ensure safe and efficient battery charging whilst promoting long battery service life.

Point of Sale Multi Dock ChargerA920 Datasheet Point of Sale Multi Dock ChargerA920 PRO Datasheet