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Armada Charger/Conditioner

Charger Armada Multi Channel Conditioner

Product Overview

  • Part No.: 404255-2001-2
  • NSN: 6130-99-845-5999
  • Battery Chemistry: Not chemistry specific

The Multi-Channel Battery Charger/Conditioner is a compact, multi-chemistry battery conditioning system powered from a universal AC mains supply.

The Charger may be bench or 19″ rack mounted and is designed to be rugged and versatile enough to operate in a demanding military environment. The Conditioner is designed for the State of Charge (SOC) management of battery equipment to satisfy both IATA transportation requirements for Li-Ion batteries and the periodic maintenance requirements for different battery types.

Each conditioner has six completely independent channels for automatic charging and discharging to bring batteries into a suitable SOC for immediate use, storage or air transport. Battery conditioning is carried out through the use of specific battery interface adaptors (BIA’s). The BIA’s connect to the conditioner through locking military circular connectors located on the front face of the conditioner, this serves to adapt any battery mechanical and electrical interface to that suitable  for the conditioner. The conditioner is compatible with IrDA and SMBus smart batteries as well as those with no communications interface.

The Multi-Channel Battery Charger/Conditioner is able to accept field software upgrades via a laptop computer or Android App to improve operational flexibility and to provide a high degree of future proofing. Charge and discharge functions are controlled by the system software and are largely automatic once initiated. User control is via an uncomplicated push button interface with LED displays providing detailed status indication during operation. The Conditioner carries out active thermal management of the internal heatsinks to optimise the conditioning process, whilst maintaining a safe operating temperature.

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