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The Benefits Of Using Bespoke Battery Manufacturers

Many devices have power and safety requirements that standard-off the shelf batteries can’t meet. 

Although using a custom battery manufacturer might seem more expensive, in many ways it can be more cost-effective in the long run.

For starters, a team like Lincad can take care of the development process. Batteries will also be designed to be more efficient and longer-lasting, so it will reduce the need to frequently replace them.

There’s also a wealth of other advantages to using a custom battery manufacturer.

Lincad produces bespoke batteries for a range of industries and applications. We can create tailored solutions to fit your exact project or needs. 

Our batteries are designed to accommodate various factors, such as size, capacity, voltage and discharge rate, all of which isn’t possible with ready-made batteries. These bespoke batteries can also be fine-tuned to suit the performance characteristics of your devices.

We will ensure a bespoke battery seamlessly integrates with your existing device or system. This can include custom sizes and connectors to make installation and maintenance more convenient.

Lincad has strict quality control measures in place. 

We test every battery to ensure it meets your specifications and safety standards. This is particularly vital in applications where safety is a top priority, like medical devices or the aerospace sector.

Many devices have power and safety requirements that standard-off the shelf batteries can’t meet. That’s especially true for devices in military applications where operators are working in often harsh conditions.

Additionally, you might need to protect your intellectual property, with batteries that are unique to your product or technology.

We offer first class technical support throughout the design, testing and production phases of any project.

If you’re looking for a bespoke battery manufacturer, discover more about Lincad or contact our team for more information.