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Suppliers Of Premium Batteries For Underwater Vehicles

From batteries to power robotics and ROVs, to underwater vehicles Lincad has the ability to make your technology go for longer.

We offer a wide range of services for the design of bespoke batteries to a number of sectors. A British company with a long history, Lincad can both design and manufacture batteries for your underwater vehicles, ensuring that they’re designed to meet your exact specifications.

With our batteries you can improve both the power capabilities and the safety of an underwater vehicle. 

Our talented engineers will take your product through from concept design to final production. We not only provide batteries but cables, adapters and a host of other pieces of equipment to help run your devices.

Lincad also provides IATA battery conditioners for the efficient transportation of your batteries.

Our products include the Submersible AIV which is developed for an autonomous inspection vehicle used in the petrochemical industry.

This battery incorporates an integrated hard drive for data logging during its long mission profiles in a submarine environment. It provides multiple uses including military, defence, security, commercial, industrial and medical sectors.

We also have 3D printing facilities to allow rapid prototyping, we can provide you with models for analysis before the designs are finalised.

If you need quality batteries and chargers for underwater vehicles, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.