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High Quality Rechargeable Batteries For Military Use

Whether you need to power portable communication devices or generators, Lincad can provide batteries designed for the harshest conditions. 

Our batteries are used to power various equipment used by military personnel. Designed to provide reliable and consistent power in demanding environments.

Common uses of our military batteries include those for portable radios and communication devices.

We appreciate that military personnel often rely heavily on such devices and need to stay in touch and receive orders from commanders when out and about. Our batteries will provide a steady supply of power and be able to function effectively whenever you need them.

We also provide batteries for military systems, which rely on power for their guidance systems and other electronics.

Power your portable generators for lighting, heating and other equipment. 

That includes those at temporary bases in remote locations. Portable generators can provide power for lighting, heating, and other equipment. Military batteries can be used to power these generators.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are also becoming increasingly important in modern military operations. These aircraft require power to operate their guidance and communication systems, and our military batteries are ideal for supplying this power.

Lincad appreciates that military batteries are a critical component of modern military operations. With our bespoke products, it’s easy to operate a wide range of equipment.

Find out more about our rechargeable batteries for military use. Or contact our team for more details.