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Find The Best Batteries For Your CCTV Surveillance Cameras

CCTV cameras are one of the most widely used types of deterrent and protection in Britain. Fortunately, it’s more affordable than ever to introduce high definition cameras to a site. However, their reliability is key so the right batteries make all the difference.

Lincad’s work includes providing powerful batteries for CCTV systems used in the security sector.

When selecting batteries for your CCTV system, it’s important to look at factors like capacity, voltage and the estimated runtime required during power outages. You should also consider the battery’s maintenance requirements, since some might need periodic checks and maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

Over the years, Lincad has worked with various security companies who provide CCTV surveillance cameras to various venues.

Typical venues our batteries for CCTV systems are used for include:

  • Car parks to deter vandalism
  • Shopping centres to analyse footfall, shop-lifting and pick-pocketing
  • Construction sites where valuable materials are often stolen.
  • Schools. for security and safety purposes
  • Hospitals to protect both staff and patients.
  • Museums and Exhibitions for security purposes

If you need advice on the right batteries for your CCTV technology, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.