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Experienced Heavy-Duty Battery Manufacturers In The UK

Need batteries for even the most power-hungry equipment?

From keeping medical equipment running so it can save lives, to keeping your hospitality business running smoothly this summer, we can produce bespoke batteries for many applications.

Our heavy duty batteries are designed to provide long-lasting, reliable power, even in the most difficult conditions or where longevity is crucial.

Our heavy-duty batteries offer exceptional durability and longevity. 

As highly experienced manufacturers in this field, we can provide you with heavy duty batteries that can deliver more power over a longer period of time. This makes our power solutions ideal for equipment used in a range of industries, including defence and security, medical and healthcare, retail and hospitality, and robotics and ROV.

Designs include those built to withstand extreme conditions, including freezing or hot temperatures, and heavy use. They can be designed with ruggedized casings or specialised materials to ensure strength and resistance during hard hits or vibrations.

Lincad can produce bespoke batteries with a longer shelf-life, that can be stored longer without a substantial loss of power or performance. This makes them brilliant for emergency backup power or infrequently used devices.

If needed, our heavy-duty batteries can also have a high current output. This will make them suitable for equipment that need a burst of power or sustained high-power applications.

Manufacturers of tough, long-lasting batteries for a range of applications.

Before working with our team, it’s important to consider the particular requirements of your technology or application. We then work with you to decide the ideal voltage, capacity, and technology to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

Find out more about our heavy-duty battery manufacturer in the UK.