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6 Reasons To Use Lincad As Your Bespoke Battery Manufacturer

Lincad appreciates choosing the right bespoke battery manufacturer can be a difficult process.

Here are just seven reasons we could be your ideal partner in 2024:

  1. Highly versatile, our team works with companies in a range of industries. Before picking a battery manufacturer it’s important to outline your requirements for a bespoke battery. You want to consider factors such as battery chemistry, size, capacity and voltage, operating environment, temperature range, cycle life, safety features and any other special considerations. We’re able to produce batteries which are used in a wide range of conditions, including harsher environments.
  2. We have the power to make your products last longer. Lincad specialises in lighter, energetic and powerful batteries with faster, more flexible charging solutions. Our background lies in military batteries and chargers, producing reliable and practical solutions across land, sea and air.
  3. Lincad has a proven track-record of designing and producing bespoke batteries. We have all the right industry certifications, including ISO standards, to ensure quality and reliability.
  4. You can benefit from extensive quality assurance and testing procedures. We have rigorous testing protocols in place to guarantee the reliability, safety, and performance of the bespoke batteries.
  5. We’re a socially responsible company. Our business seriously values our staff and is vigilant in regards to our impact on the environment. Committed to being as sustainable as possible, we have implemented several environmental measures to reduce our carbon emissions from operations.
  6. Lincad is an international company with a strong reputation. We have a presence in over 10 countries and have 41 products in our portfolio

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