Lincad, a leading UK manufacturer of batteries, chargers and power management systems for military and industrial applications, will be attending the Military Power Systems conference being held from 30th October to 1st November at the London Marriott Hotel, Regents Park.Military power systems conference


Soldiers in the field increasingly require high-endurance, high-density electrical power in order to ensure the effectiveness of expeditionary missions whilst forward operating installations are increasingly being equipped with cutting-edge, power-demanding technology. With expert speakers from across Europe as well as the US and Canada, the conference will explore strategies to power the frontline whilst lightening the soldier’s physical load and enhancing energy efficiency, power generation, storage and unit-level management across platforms and facilities.


For more than 30 years, Lincad has been supporting the MOD and the defence primes, continually developing lighter, more powerful batteries with faster, more flexible charging solutions for applications ranging in size from soldier-portable equipment to artillery pointing systems to robotic vehicles. At the forefront of lithium-ion battery technology, the company has extensive experience of developing products in accordance with both UK Defence Standards and US Military Standards.