World-class battery designer and manufacturer, Lincad Ltd., today announced that it will be attending the Lithium Sulfur Batteries: Mechanisms, Modelling and Materials Conference (LiSM3), taking place in the Faraday Lecture Theatre at London’s Royal Institution on Friday 12 February.

Lincad designs, manufactures and supplies bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems for military and other specialist applications, covering the defence and security, medical, commercial and industrial sectors. This year, the company celebrates its 30th year of operations.

Peter Slade, Project Manager at Lincad, who will be attending the conference this week, says “We take a keen interest in all events relating to rechargeable lithium-ion technology. We have been pioneering the development of specialist LIPS (lithium-ion power system) solutions for the MOD’s power management requirements since 2000, and are keen to extend this technology further. We hope that the array of related topics being covered at the LiSM3conference will help inform our future operational priorities in this field and many others.”

The aim of the LiSM3 conference is to bring together top experts in the field of lithium sulfur battery development to discuss key areas of research. A wide range of topics will be covered, including ways to improve battery performance using new approaches and materials; the changing requirements of high capacity battery applications and the mechanisms and modelling of lithium sulfur batteries.