Lincad Ltd, world leading battery designer and manufacturer, will be attending LiSM3, the Lithium Sulfur Batteries: Mechanisms, Modelling and Materials Conference, taking place in the IET Savoy Place, London on 26th and 27th April.

Bringing together the world’s leading academics, scientists and engineers to discuss the priority areas of lithium sulfur rechargeable battery chemistry research, this year the 2nd Li-SM3 conference has been extended to cover two days. To reflect the fact that the field of Li-S research is wide and varied, the Li-SM3 conference has split it into 4 main topics to discuss in detail: Mechanisms, Modelling, Materials and Applications.

Attending the conference will be Joint Managing Director of Lincad, Peter Slade, who commented: “Being at the forefront in the development of specialist lithium-ion power system (LIPS) solutions for the MOD’s power management requirements since 2000, we are always keen to extend this technology further and take great interest in all events relating to rechargeable lithium technology.”

Currently celebrating over 30 years of bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems, Lincad design, manufacture and supply to the military and other specialist applications, covering the defence and security, medical, commercial and industrial sectors.