Leading battery designer and manufacturer, Lincad Ltd, is looking closer to home to develop its interests in renewable energy with a 50kW solar PV system currently being installed on the roof of its UK Headquarters.

The energy generated by the new solar PV system will allow Lincad to lower its electricity costs significantly and to reduce its carbon footprint. In parallel with the solar PV installation, Lincad is also replacing all internal and external lighting with the latest most efficient LED technology.

Peter Slade, Project Manager at Lincad, said: “As a power management company, it makes total sense for Lincad to take advantage of readily available solar energy to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of our operations. And, significantly, it allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, further illustrating that Lincad takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously.”

The solar PV installation is being carried out by Ecosphere Renewables, one of the fastest-growing renewables companies in the south east of England, specialising in installations for the commercial and public sectors.

With its expertise lithium-ion battery technology, Lincad continues to invest R&D into solar PV energy storage systems for both off-grid and on-grid applications. Lincad launched its first solar powered battery charger for soldiers in the field in 2012, and its pioneering Power Scavenger in 2015, which recharges batteries using any DC input, whether it be from a solar panel, another battery or the DC output on a vehicle. The new solar PV system reinforces Lincad’s commitment to the development of renewable energy and energy storage for both military and non-military applications.

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