Press Release – 17th June 2014

Lincad, a leading provider of specialist solutions to customers’ power management demands, is proud to announce the release of its latest battery charge management concept, the Power Scavenger.

With an inherently rugged structure measuring just 275 X 75 X 60 mm, and weighing less than 750 g, the Power Scavenger is designed to meet the mobile tactical battery charging requirements of the modern soldier.
Recharge of Lincad’s own LIPS (Lithium Ion Power System) suite of batteries, from any DC source from 11 to 50 V, is achieved via integral latching and power connection terminals, keeping the necessary footprint to an absolute minimum.

Recharge of other common in-service batteries, such as the BB250, is possible through the use of configurable BIAs (Battery Interface Adaptors). The unit can also be set up to recharge third party batteries from a fully charged LIPS battery if alternative power sources are not available.

Configured originally as an exclusively solar charge management device, the Power Scavenger’s functionality has been expanded to allow for polarity independent connection to any DC source within the defined limits. Maximum power point tracking has been implemented to ensure the Power Scavenger makes best use of whatever energy source is available, and power delivery is fully regulated to cater for varying or unstable supplies.

Additionally, active thermal management is employed to maintain peak function even in the most challenging environments.

The Power Scavenger is also equipped with a USB A connector for the recharging of personal mobile devices and can be set up to emulate a voltage and current limited DC power supply for user specific requirements. Moreover, a high degree of future proofing has been incorporated in the design of the Power Scavenger, including an adaptable communications interface for protocols such as SM Bus and DQ.

With its multi-functionality, versatile configurability and automatic load and source detection, the Power Scavenger offers an all-purpose solution to mobile power management in any situation where reliability, light weight and ease of use are critical.

Brian Soden, Lincad’s Managing Director, commented:
“The Power Scavenger represents the very latest developments in battery charge management and promises to reduce significantly the physical burden on soldiers in the field.”

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  • Lincad is a privately owned UK company with over 28 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of standard and specialist batteries, chargers and intelligent power management systems.
  • The core business of Lincad is the supply of batteries, chargers and intelligent power management systems for military applications. Its main customers are the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), UK Defence Primes and Strategic Military and Defence Partners. More recently, Lincad has been involved in developing new battery, charger and power management technologies for specialist applications across a range of different sectors.
  • Lincad is an ISO 9001 accredited company with expertise in battery chemistry and systems engineering and operates out of two sites in Surrey in the South East of England where the design and manufacture of all its products takes place.

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