Leading battery designer and manufacturer, Lincad is pleased to have been awarded the highly sought-after TickITplus industry accreditation for excellence in IT and software development.

The accolade confirms Lincad’s successful transition from the accreditation scheme’s predecessor, TickIT, which was upgraded to TickITplus in 2014. This is the first major upgrade of the existing ISO9001 TickIT sector scheme in over 15 years of operation to maintain the standard in line with rapid changes in technology and working practices in the software and IT sector. Companies undergoing TickITplus assessment must demonstrate excellence in a series of demanding categories, while showing a firm commitment to developing their software and IT procedures to remain in line with industry expectations. So far, only a small number of companies have been certified, Lincad received its TickITplus accreditation in February 2016.

Janet Rowe, Project Manager – at Lincad said, “We are proud and delighted to be leading the way in successfully gaining our TickITplus accreditation this year. TickITplus is a leading benchmark for all UK companies, and our success is a clear indicator of our firm commitment to business excellence through our IT and software procedures.”

UK-based Lincad designs, manufactures and supplies bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems for military and other specialist applications, covering the defence and security, medical, commercial and industrial sectors. This year, Lincad celebrates its 30th year of operations.

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