Lincad, a leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems for the military and other specialist applications, is pleased to announce that in 2016 it will be committing new R&D resources to powering wearable technology for the military.

Offering the potential to augment our reality, enhance our senses and extend our cognitive abilities, wearable technology is of obvious interest to the British Army and other international forces. From smart glasses that can be used to provide 360⁰ awareness and track out-of-sight targets to smart watches for communication support to biosensors incorporated in a soldier’s clothing to monitor vital biometric data, the potential applications are truly extensive.

The UK Ministry of Defence, for example, has already released details of a new army uniform design, planned for deployment in the next decade, which incorporates both smart glasses and a smart watch.

How to power wearable devices efficiently without significantly increasing the load that the soldier has to carry on operations is critically important and now a major R&D focus for Lincad. There are a number of potential avenues being explored. As Peter Copplestone, Lincad’s Operations Manager, commented: “The integration of wearable technologies and charging solutions such as energy harvesting and wireless charging, will largely be driven by technology and design. As a company this is a key area which we are very interested in exploring further.”

Reflecting Lincad’s commitment to developing power solutions for the soldier of the future, Lincad will be attending the Wearable Technology Show being held on 15th and 16th March 2016 at ExCel, London.

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