A leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems for the military and other specialist applications, Lincad is delighted to announce that it has developed a new USB Power Adaptor.

Designed to work with the company’s industry-leading family of 24V LIPS (Lithium-Ion Power System) batteries, the USB Power Adaptor can provide two dedicated 5V sources for a range of operational military requirements, including the powering and recharging of smartphones, tablets, hand-held radios and other devices. It can also be used to scavenge the remaining energy from a battery that has finished powering primary equipment. As a result, otherwise wasted power can be applied to extending a soldier’s operating capacity without the need for additional smaller batteries.

Compact and rugged enough to cope with the most demanding front line situations, the USB Power Adaptor has independent current-limited outputs and will self-protect against external short circuits and overload. In addition, mobile device handshaking allows for the most efficient configuration for the effective recharge of USB devices, requiring nothing more from the user than to connect the battery and USB device to begin the charging process.

Brian Soden, Managing Director of Lincad, commented: “Over the course of our long association with the UK MOD, one of our primary objectives in developing new products has always been to make life easier for soldiers in the field and lighten the load they have to carry. The USB Power Adaptor is the latest example in what, for Lincad, is a proud tradition.”

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