Lincad, a UK-based leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems, has taken further measures to ensure that it can continue to transport its industry-leading lithium-ion products to customers, across the world, safely and in full accordance with the latest IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations.

Lincad Ltd – at the forefront of lithium-ion battery technology and design


Lincad has its own DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) trained in the transport of dangerous goods, other staff specifically trained in the transport of lithium and lithium-ion batteries by air, and has three qualified ADR (Accord Dangereux Roitier) drivers. Lincad continues to progressively train its team to the highest standards in battery transportation and has recently employed ten new members of staff at its HQ.


Peter Slade, Joint Managing Director has recently successfully completed the Lithium Battery Course for Air run by Training Team.


Peter commented: “We take the safe transportation of our products to our customers very seriously. With growing demand from our customers, we have made significant investments in expanding our team and enhancing their qualifications. We have the skills and expertise to transfer our lithium-ion products by all modes of transport with the absolute minimum of risk, and are now seen as knowledge leaders in this area.”


Janet Rowe, Joint Managing Director, added: “When lithium- ion batteries are designed, manufactured and handled properly, they are quite safe. We have plenty of customers who will testify to that.  Lincad is doing everything it can to ensure their ongoing safe transportation, complying fully with current regulations.”


Lincad’s LIPS (lithium-ion power system) range of batteries represents over 15 years of evolution in battery technology and design, with the first LIPS battery being produced in 2000. Continued improvements in capacity and energy density have been enabled through the integration of new cell technology, and enhanced mechanical and electronic design.


Lincad’s Caravel Mk2 Charger, a cutting-edge product offering multi-chemistry charging of batteries from any OEM, has in-built functionality that enables it to discharge lithium-ion batteries to meet this 30{4aff493196277715e4d567e40d480e936b19538ec92e3fb54a5acc88489379da} state of charge transportation limit. It also offers functionality to allow discharge of batteries to a state of charge level most suitable for long-term battery storage.


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