Lincad, a leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems, is pleased to announce that it has secured significant orders from Danish Defence, the unified armed forces of the Kingdom of Denmark, for a range of the company’s LIPS (lithium-ion power system) batteries and chargers.

Since 2000, Lincad has been supplying the UK MOD and defence prime contractors as well as a number of armed forces around the world with power management solutions ranging in size from man-portable equipment to artillery systems.

The company’s LIPS range of batteries represent over 15 years of evolution in battery technology and design, with continued improvements in capacity and energy density being achieved through the integration of new cell technology and enhanced mechanical and electronic design. Ruggedised to meet the most demanding operational requirements, the batteries are available in a variety of capacity options and alternative communication protocols to suit a range of different applications.

In addition, Lincad produces a range of chargers for its own LIPS batteries and now with the Caravel Mk2 Charger, the most recent addition to the product portfolio, for the charging of non-Lincad batteries of any electrochemistry.

Incorporating the Royal Danish Army, the Royal Danish Navy, the Royal Danish Air Force and the Danish Home Guard, Danish Defence is responsible for the defence of Denmark and its overseas territories, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, as well as for NATO participation, including international missions in the area of conflict prevention, humanitarian aid, peace-making and peacekeeping.

Peter Copplestone, Lincad’s Operations Manager, commented: “In addition to helping to lighten the load that British soldiers have to carry in operational theatres, we have also been supplying allied military forces for a number of years. So we’re delighted that we are helping equip Danish Defence.”


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