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Lead Acid

The Soundranger is a 24V, 48Ah lead acid battery designed for Leonardo’s HALO (Hostile Artillery Locating) system and is available in different colours.

Providing a cost-effective solution to compliment lithium-ion (Li-ion) equivalents such as the LIPS 16, the Soundranger battery demonstrates that older technology can still prove a viable solution for certain applications.

  • Part No.: 404252-2001
  • Battery Chemistry: Lead Acid
  • Dimensions: 24mm × 216mm × 433mm

The Soundranger Charger is a two-channel charger designed specifically for charging up to two Soundranger lead-acid batteries.

The charger contains integrated charging cables. Charge current is shown on an LCD display and charge completion is indicated via LEDs.

  • Part No.: 404252-2002
  • Battery Chemistry: Lead Acid
  • Dimensions: 236mm × 315mm × 386mm